This weekend I had a chance to nuke some popcorn and saddle up on the couch to watch the documentary “Rolling Papers” on Netflix. The film pulls back the curtain on how The Denver Post created the first digital marijuana section of a major newspaper – The Cannabist, two and a half years ago.

While fascinating for many reasons, I was particularly inspired by an old school organization’s ability to fearlessly jump head first into something that had never been done before. The Post realized that they had to strike while the joint was lit or risk becoming extinct like so many of their former competitors.

As cannabis becomes the social norm (25 states now have some form of legalization), countless entrepreneurs – many of whom have never even smoked in their life – are realizing the boundless opportunities staring them in the face. And we’re not just talking about owning dispensaries. Almost 150,000 jobs have been created in this industry, some in areas like design, finance, and yes, marketing.

Whether you have any desire to go near the cannabis industry or not, now is undeniably the time to be bold in your business practices. The greatest risk is to take no risk at all. Do you want to be a pioneer, or end up the crumpled up newspaper keeping grandma’s china safe in a box?