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Website Development
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Digital Marketing
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Brand Strategy
Identity & Logo Development
Marketing Strategy
Video Production
Sales Collateral Development
Guerilla Marketing
Mascot Marketing
Media Planning


Public Relations

Media Relations
Media Training
Reputation Management
Influencer Campaigns
Community Relations
Industry Recognition
Event Planning

That’s all the stuff we do. Bottom line our job as a cannabis marketing firm is to help you Sound Loud®.
To define your brand, articulate it, reach your targets, engage them and convert them into business.

Naturally, you’re wondering how much this costs? Decibel Green differs from most cannabis advertising agencies by offering your business maximum flexibility whether you are needing dispensary marketing services or integrated marketing for a myriad of cannabis holdings. How much work we do, the type of services we provide, and what you pay for them should ALL be just as nimble as your business.

We work with different clients in different ways with all kinds of budgets, whether they need hourly services, projects, or ongoing monthly services. Whatever is best for you. Some work produces fast results, others take time. Speaking of time, there’s an old expression in the creative world — you can have something fast, cheap or great. Pick two. We always strive for three. Ultimately, how little or how much you pay for something doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t produce value.

To quote a wise Tibetan Sherpa (ok, actually it was on the side of a furniture moving truck outside Colorado Springs):

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

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