In the rapidly growing cannabis industry, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Leafly, Weedmaps, and other apps connect patients with cannabis all over America, but not all dispensaries are created equally. Have you ever used an app to find a new dispensary (or restaurant, or store), only to be full of regret once you got there? 

As the market continues to grow, more and more patients will share their dispensary success and horror stories, and our cannabis marketing agency is here to ensure you only get the ravest of reviews. And sometimes, that involves decisions you make well before you open shop. 

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to opening any business, location is #1. When looking for the right spot to plant your roots, look at the big picture first. Where does your target demographic live? Which counties have cannabis-friendly policies? Are there neighborhoods that appeal to your intended aesthetic? What real estate trends make sense for your business? These big-picture details will help to narrow the field of possibilities and provide some clarity when making this decision.


Just like buying a new home, your potential neighbors will play a significant role in setting the context for your dispensary. Rather than just looking for availability, look for a space with complimentary businesses nearby, like artisanal restaurants and entertainment venues. And don’t forget to gauge just how cannabis-friendly your potential neighbors will be. The perfect space might not be so perfect to the religious bookstore next door. #awkward


Only one aesthetic will please every patient, and that’s cleanliness. Whether your space features wood-grain, corrugated steel, or a rustic look, this concept works in every dispensary. 

Focusing heavily on cleanliness will demonstrate your dedication to the industry and your patients. Keeping things tidy and clean will not only make it a thousand times easier to show off your products, it ensures patients will WANT to come back. Maybe they’ll even bring a friend!

Own It

You have a great space, your neighbors compliment your operation, and your decor is on point. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. If you want to be the best and STAY the best, you’ve got to show you aren’t going anywhere. You’re not here temporarily, so act like it. Make investments in infrastructure to improve the overall experience, put up signage, support local community organizations, and follow through with commitments. These actions will show your patients just how organized and consistent you are, and that you want their loyalty. 

We hope these tips help your dispensary marketing efforts a great success. Write us back and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear what you’ve learned on your journey in the cannabis industry, and maybe help you along the way!