Decibel Green Cannabis Marketing Agency
Account Executive, Marketing

Decibel Green services clients across the country. Our specialty is…drumroll…cannabis. Yes, ganja, Mary Jane, weed, the devil’s lettuce. But more importantly, do you know what cannabis is for many people? Medicine! Ask our friend Margie about how 30mg of cannabis oil helped her nausea from chemo. Or our client Sue, the world’s leading physician conducting research on cannabis and PTSD in troops. Our clients aren’t rich stoners, so you can throw every stereotype out the window right now.  They’re lawyers, accountants, artists and entrepreneurs. Cannabis is currently legal in some form in 29 states. 64% of the American public thinks prohibition should end.

Who are you? 

You have at least two years of experience in a marketing. We’d prefer experience in a fast-paced agency environment, but work on the client side/corporate is fine too. This job will be focused on facilitating full-service accounts, so being great at AP Style is awesome but, that alone doesn’t get you this job.  We’re seeking a self-starter who is strategic, organized and simply gets $&#! done.

If you have much more than 2-3 years experience be aware that the position isn’t budgeted for a more seasoned professional. So, it’s your prerogative if you still want to apply and join something special on the ground floor.

What is the job?

75% Decibel Green. 25% Decibel Blue (our sister agency.) You don’t have to be a stoner to work in cannabis (most of our team isn’t), but you need to dive in and learn about the product and business fast. It’s no different than handling a traditional retail account.

You will join account teams led by two of our agency partners and you will quickly demonstrate that you can lead accounts yourself.

What kinds of things will I work on?

Branding. Naming. Marketing strategy and planning. Ideation.  Ad concepting. Copywriting. Media planning. Social media.  Digital marketing.  Design trafficking.

Why work here?

We’re a tight-knit team that looks out for each other. 100% of your health benefits are paid for. People work where they want and when they want. We have a cool, dog-friendly office in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. While you will be based in the Arizona, you will make trips to our Denver office a few times a year and it’s so cool there you will quickly become DTD. We empower you to do your job and you are accountable to your colleagues and clients. Visit if you want more propaganda.

We’re going to skip all that other ridiculous stuff like asking if you are a people person, can multi-task and know how to use Google. Duh.

To apply:

Apply with a personality, please


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