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Cannabis marketing agencies in Colorado didn’t exist 10 years ago. They didn’t exist in the other 49 states either for that matter. When someone says they have 7 years of social media experience, we laugh because that basically means they were playing Madden online in their PJ’s. Things are growing and changing faster than ever. That means you need a team with the experience to put your work in context and the passion to continue learning new ways to help you Sound Loud®.

Decibel Green was founded in 2015 by the partners of a 13-year-old, Phoenix-based marketing and PR agency, Decibel Blue, whose clients include international brands, public companies, multi-state franchise systems and public advocacy groups. Decibel Green leverages the expertise our team has gained over 95 collective years of providing marketing, branding, merchandising, public relations, website design, packaging, advertising and digital services to national healthcare, hospitality, retail and real estate businesses. Don’t you want people managing your marketing to know about more than the couple years since the ballot initiative passed?  Professionals who can share best practices from all industries?


It’s no secret that cannabis is a hyper-competitive space, making cannabis marketing no easy task. We believe that offering our clients the highest level of discretion is paramount. What’s the old expression — integrity is what you do when nobody is looking?

We are very proud to share who our clients are and the work we do for them when we have authorization from them to do so. On the other hand, do you see that wonderful leaf on our home page where we list some of our clients? That represents the dispensaries and manufacturers who prefer complete confidentiality, or at the very least, discretion, in how we promote the work we did for them. You can count on our being the same way for you, if that’s what you want.

Please contact us to get a full picture of what Decibel Green has achieved in the cannabis space as well as the work of our sister agency, Decibel Blue. We will put you in touch with clients that are more than happy to elaborate on working with us.

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