Cannabis Marketing in Arkansas


The medical cannabis industry in Little Rock, Arkansas is growing (pun very much intended), but not as fast as those of us in the industry would like to see. Delay has been the name of the game. But if you’re selected to be one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries in Little Rock, you’re on the marketing ground floor.

That’s where Decibel Green comes in.

As a cannabis marketing agency for both medical and adult use companies, we’ve seen it all. We know all too well the difficulties medical marijuana companies face in every part of the country, from state and federal regulations, to municipality restrictions on advertising and marketing.

And with Arkansas’ medical marijuana patients expecting greater access to their medicine by mid-2019, the first medical cannabis dispensaries have the unique opportunity to acquire these patients early on in hopes of earning (and keeping!) their business. But before you earn loyalty, you have to get them in the door first.

Medical marijuana marketing is more than posting pics of “fluffy nugs” and talking about THC-content. While that might get some patients in the door, you’ll miss out on Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and even older Millennials. Our medical marijuana marketing agency knows how to expand your dispensary’s reach to every demographic, whether you’re in Little Rock, Arkansas or Denver, Colorado.

Decibel Green’s cannabis marketing services range from everything from digital marketing, such as website development and social media, to traditional marketing like logo development and marketing strategy, to public relations and influencer marketing. But of course, that’s just the start.

Looking to take your Little Rock medical marijuana dispensary to the next level? Give us a buzz (not sorry for the puns) and we’ll show you why we’re the best at what we do.


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