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Decibel Green is a cannabis marketing agency in Denver offering digital, marketing, advertising, branding and public relations to clients including:

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According to a recent Gallup poll, 80% of Americans support medicinal marijuana and 60% endorse full legalization, although that’s no surprise if you’ve been doing cannabis marketing in Denver, Colorado. Medicinal marijuana is currently available in 31 states, of which 9 have legalized adult use – and that’s not counting Washington D.C. either. With at least 5 more states soon to follow, the days of prohibition are numbered. Whether you own a dispensary, an edibles company, or provide services to the industry, Decibel Green will help you stake your claim to a piece of this “Green Rush” with our cannabis marketing experience.

Here’s a compelling fact: everywhere cannabis is legalized, opiate overdoses go down and tax revenues go up. Cannabis is just like caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar, except none of those other drugs relieve pain, reduce nausea, promote sleep or stimulate appetite in seriously ill patients.

While our industry is new to the mainstream, the marketing strategies, tactics and tools needed for success are anything but. Best practices in brand awareness building, communications, B-B and retail sales remain universal, and cannabis marketing will become more competitive than ever before. Decibel Green offers the unique solution of being a seasoned creative agency that has expertise in cannabis along with decades of experience in settings like Madison Ave, Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

Whether cannabis is your dream, an investment, a job, life-changing medicine, your favorite escape or all of the above, working together, we can help end prohibition and achieve your business goals.

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