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Cannabis has become a lightning rod in the political, social, economic, medical and legal worlds. The “green rush” is fully upon us and the days of prohibition are numbered. Medicinal marijuana is now available in 29 states, and full adult usage is legal in eight of those. Another 10+ states are expected to legalize it in some form in the 2017 election. Gallop’s latest poll shows 80% of Americans support medicinal marijuana and 60% endorse full legalization. Cannabis has joined the ranks of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar except none of those mitigate nausea or stimulate appetite in patients. And wherever cannabis is legalized accidental overdoses on opiates goes down.

While the product being sold is new to the mainstream, fundamentally sound business strategy and best practices in sales, retail and marketing apply now more than ever. Whether cannabis is your job, relief, recreation or all of the above, together we can help end prohibition and achieve your goals.

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